RNP Consultancy is a professional organization focused exclusively on admissions to independent universities and colleges with top class education.

We are focused on providing top class education and guiding students for a smooth transition from high school to graduation in college. RNP Consultancy acts only on behalf of various well known institutes as authorized agents.At RNP Consultancy we strongly believe in providing students unlimited education opportunities with all the essential information on existing options to assist them take wise decisions.

RNP Consultancy has been Providing Quality education Services Since 2010, to the students all over.

Respected by Students and Parents, RNP has been at the forefront of providing opportunities for education abroad. We have years of experience working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our staff is highly trained and is dedicated professionals.

It is only with this dream of providing the best counseling and giving authentic and maximum information to the prospective Universities.

RNP is a destination for all students aspiring to study abroad in Poland offering high quality education along with unique learning environment.

Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gain admission for suitable courses in recognized universities across Poland.